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  • 97.14% Satisfaction Rate
    Review 1 of 7: It's great so far!
    Moved in September 2019 and it's been pretty great so far! The staff was very accommodating even though I had forgotten some important things on move-in day that made them do some extra work. Tiffiny has been great at answering any questions I've had. The only thing I can critique is that the first few weekends there were parties at the pool that lasted past midnight (I live in a unit with a pool view) but since then there haven't been any. Parking has been great, no issues finding a spot in the garage close to my entrance. I like the electronic locks on the front doors and for other amenities, makes it easy to just carry around one fob. Haven't had to make any maintenance requests yet so I guess I'll rate that as good!
  • 88.57% Satisfaction Rate
    Review 2 of 7: GREAT STUFF HERE
    Been living here for two years and love it. The pool and the lake area are always clean. The new property manager, MEREDITH RANDAR, takes a no nonsense approach when dealing with tenant concerns. If it is possible to fix with an OK from corporate then it will get done. Unfortunately, we have hundreds of people with different issues and concerns so the easy fix may not be immediate. Oh, I almost forgot, Diane is a rock star. Also, Portico is bringing back Wine Down Wednesdays in the lobby (finally)..... No property can be all bells and whistles so i'm going to add a few negatives. Amazon package pick up protocol needs some TLC. The upstairs lounge areas should be locked at latest midnight - You put in nice areas to chill and people act like animals. ZRS has potential, I hope more good to come.
  • 100% Satisfaction Rate
    Review 3 of 7: Love my apartment
    Tiffiny helped me and has been great. I love my apartment and the amenities
  • 100% Satisfaction Rate
    Review 4 of 7: Portico is Amazing
    Diane B is awesome! Diane has superior customer service and demonstrates great dedication toward handling questions and concerns. Before signing the lease, Diane answered ALL questions with detail and swiftly responded to requests. Diane is also great about answering the phones, and responding to emails. She takes the time to provide each future resident and current resident with an individualized experience, and does not rush those seeking her assistance. Also, the Portico management and staff is helpful as well and they promptly addresses concerns. This place already feels like home.
  • 94.29% Satisfaction Rate
    Review 5 of 7: Easy Move
    From our tour, Tiffiny made sure we had all the info we needed to make our decision to live at Portico. She made sure we had everything taken care of to move in and always answers the phone and emails in a timely manner, with all of our big and small questions. Excellent location and the price was within our range, and well worth the money.
  • 100% Satisfaction Rate
    Review 6 of 7: Una gran experiencia
    He tendido una gran experiencia desde el comienzo con esta comunidad, gracias a Marjorie que me ayudo muchãsimo con todo los trámites muy buena atención.
  • 100% Satisfaction Rate
    Review 7 of 7: Club House Hours.
    Hello, everyone at The Greatest Rental Community in Sunrise, I am writing to you all great staff, from Property Management, Office Personnel to the Cleaning Staff. I like the new management initiatives such as removing the TRASH and KEEPING THE AREA CLEAN more frequently, from the entrance of the apt lobby to other areas; not only removing it but washing with a water hose each time the trash is removed, keeping the area odorless and bacteria-free. The other initiative is to maintain the Tuesday food truck for residents, good job!!!. However, there is one thing I am concerned, it is the Club House hours. The new management hours are stoping us the Residents to enjoy the amenities such as the pool table, the internet and conference room, the TV room as well as the common areas offered when we became residents at Portico. I speak for myself, however, during my work out hours at the gym, I find most of the residents making reference and concern exactly as I am making it here in this email. This is not a complaint, and it shouldn't be looked like it, but concern and it is something we are not enjoying anymore since the new management came in to place. If it is for a short period, and you are planning to re-open the clubhouse for after hour 9:00 PM or so, disregard this email and just accept my above review. Sincerely yours, Rafael Carrizales-Yerena Unit #130.